5 simple ways to stay connected this season

5 simple ways to stay connected this season

(BPT) – Wintertime offers many special opportunities to come together with friends and family. However, between busy work schedules, festive holiday parties and non-stop travel, finding ways to stay connected with loved ones while on-the-go can be difficult. But, a busy calendar doesn’t mean you need to fall out of touch with those you care about most. Take advantage of these simple tips to stay connected with loved ones this holiday season and beyond.

1. Stay organized: With the busy holiday season comes a laundry list of ‘to-dos’ before family and friends come to town. As overwhelming as that may be, finding ways to stay organized can make all the difference. Use your smartphone as a digital planner to keep all of your events and responsibilities in one place. As you cross items off your to-do list, you’ll be surprised by how much time you clear to connect with loved ones!

2. Communication is key: Thanks to technology, there are a variety of easy ways to stay in touch with loved ones – even when on-the-run. Consider giving the gift of communication this year and make staying connected a priority. Get the SIMPLE Mobile Truly Unlimited 30-Day plan with unlimited talk, text and truly unlimited high-speed data (video typically streams at 480p) for $50. With no contract, no mystery fees, or overage charges, it’s the perfect way to keep in touch, while enjoying savings that last beyond the season.

3. Video chat loved ones: While a phone call is a powerful gesture in the age of texting, there’s nothing quite like getting to see those most important in your life face-to-face. However, seasonal obligations can make juggling calendars with family and friends difficult. So, when meeting in person isn’t possible, video chatting from a smartphone is a great alternative and allows you to experience all of life’s simple pleasures ‘together’ from the palm of your hand.

4. Stream a movie together: With the colder weather keeping many indoors, that doesn’t mean there’s no fun to be had. Getting cozy and watching your favorite movies with friends and family by the fire is a beloved seasonal pastime. While distance may physically keep you from loved ones, that doesn’t mean you can’t virtually enjoy a classic movie and a cup of cocoa with a buddy (or two). Start a text thread to decide on a movie to watch and send messages with your favorite quotes and scenes as you watch. Though you may not be in the same room, you can still stay connected via your smartphone!

5. Create a digital photo album: The holidays and new year are a time to make new memories while reviving old traditions and relishing in past experiences. Your smartphone is the perfect tool to capture and share those memories. Take photos on your smartphone at get-togethers, and use your favorite app to develop a digital photo album to share with family and friends to revisit any time of year. Sharing your photos on social media is another way to share your favorite memories with loved ones near and far!

With these simple tips for staying in touch, you can share the holidays and welcome the new year with loved ones – and enjoy savings well beyond the season. For more on ways to stay connected through affordable, no-contract plans visit SIMPLEMobile.com.

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