5 kitchen essentials for the perfect fall cuisine

5 kitchen essentials for the perfect fall cuisine

(BPT) – Feel that chill in the air? Bet you can already taste the quintessential fall foods: pumpkin spice, cookies and pies, or savory stew and roasted vegetables. It’s time to cozy up indoors with comfort food and good friends. As fall slowly approaches and you’re starting to prepare for the upcoming holidays, essential kitchen tools can turn everyday meals into a feast. From the main flavors of pumpkin and apples to complementary flavors including pears and cheese, there are so many new dishes to spotlight your culinary super-skills this upcoming season. Here are five must-have kitchen essentials to create delicious recipes that everyone will want to eat up.

Pizza party, anyone?

Cooler weather is the perfect time to gather friends or family for pizza and game night. Or, switch it up and prepare a sure-to-be favorite, pear and pumpkin savory tart. This tart will wow friends and family with its stunning good looks and savory good taste. Whether you choose pizza or the tart, you’ll get the best crust ever with a textured, aluminized steel pizza crisper. Get perfectly crisp crusts every time, with a surface that heats evenly, without hot spots. Plus, cutting guides will make serving a snap.

Pro care tip: Although dishwasher safe, you can extend its life by hand-washing.

Let the festivities begin

Cookies are a hallmark of the holidays – and having the essential equipment is a must for every baker. GoodCook AirPerfect cookie sheets have your back when it comes to baking cookies, whether you’re a seasoned baker or a neophyte. The nonstick coating releases cookies easily, and the air-insulated carbon steel sheet turns out perfectly baked cookies every time. But, don’t stop there. These sheets are excellent for other baking, such as roasted vegetables or parmesan and pumpkin-inspired baked fries. Serve up this healthy pumpkin treat and watch this new family favorite disappear fast.

Pro care tip: Wash by hand with nonabrasive detergent to keep cookie sheets in optimal condition.

Cozy comfort food

Cooking up smaller portions of your favorite soup, stew or power bowl to curl up with around the fire has gotten easier and more attractive. Now you have a miniature cast iron Dutch oven to serve and savor your meal. This durable little cast-iron gem distributes and retains heat evenly. Use it to get professional results for frying, braising or roasting. Plus, this oven-safe mini-pan can even do double duty for baking (looking at you, artisan breads!).

Pro care tip: Cool before washing with warm and nonabrasive detergent. Dry and apply a light coating of vegetable oil before storing in a cool dry place.

Entertain with ease

A houseful of guests can either be overwhelming or wonderfully exhilarating. But having the right tools can make food preparation a breeze. Take chopping, for instance. Once upon a time, chopping took a long time. Not when you have a veggie dicer and chopper. Take the drudgery out of chopping vegetables with evenly spaced stainless steel blades that chop, mince, dice and blend foods in an easy-to-use kitchen tool you’ll never want to be without.

Pro care tip: Disassemble the pieces and wash by hand in warm soapy water, using a food brush to remove stuck particles. Or place on the top shelf of a dishwasher.

Have your feast and eat it, too

The best part of fall and holiday entertaining is the leftovers. You not only get to savor the meal again, but you can also bring it along to school or work for an easy lunch. Organize and pack meals or store up to five dishes in one compact, stackable and convenient GoodCook EveryWare bento box container. Eat well and save at the same time while keeping leftovers fresh and delicious.

Pro care tip: Hand-wash and make sure the grooves around the openings are clean so pathogens don’t contaminate other food.

Take your cooking to the next level with professional-quality kitchen essentials. Then, show off your culinary skills and give friends and family something to talk about.


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