What kind of potato chip are you?

What kind of potato chip are you?

(BPT) – Did you know that Thursday, March 14, is National Potato Chip Day? For years, potato chips have been America’s go-to favorite snack and Lay’s, the classic potato chip brand from Frito Lay, is giving you a few great ways to celebrate the holiday!

But before you begin planning your perfect potato chip party, you might want to ask yourself: What kind of Lay’s potato chip are you?

1. Are you a lighthearted, spontaneous person with a knack for finding the fun in the everyday? Then you might be Lay’s Poppables White Cheddar.

Your party could include some crazy party games that people of any age will find hilarious. Remember playing the old favorite ‘hot potato’ as a kid, where you pass a potato quickly around a circle while music plays? When the music stops, don’t let yourself be caught holding the potato! Other classics to revive include the game where pairs of players stand back-to-back with a potato between them. The teams must race each other or go through a specially designed course without losing their potatoes. Or, try racing while holding a potato (or a single Lay’s Poppable) in a spoon, but don’t drop it, or you’re out! Either of these games can be made into a relay race.

2. Do you enjoy being creative and love to try new things? If so, you could be Lay’s Classic Wavy Original.
Your potato chip party can offer a wide selection of store-bought dips to enjoy or, better yet – feature a dip-making contest with Lay’s Classic Wavy chips. Have your party guests bring their own favorite dip recipes to share! Designate first-, second- and third-place winners for the best dips and make sure to come up with fun prizes for the champion dip makers. You could shop for unique bowls to hold dip as an appropriately themed prize for the winners.

3. Are you a person who often believes less is more? You may be Lay’s Classic Lightly Salted.

Your party can explore simple yet tasty recipes with potato chips. Create your own or encourage your guests to bring creative potluck dishes to share that use potato chips as ingredients or garnishes. Perhaps include a crunchy layer of Lay’s Lightly Salted chips within a sandwich. Or even use potato chips in a dessert, like on top of a cupcake for that perfect balance of sweet and savory.

4. Are you interested in appealing to your guests with a fun, new experience? If so, you may be Lay’s Classic Kettle Cooked Jalapeño.

Host a chip tasting party! There are dozens of types of potato chips and flavors to choose from, age-old favorites and new, fun flavors. Invite your friends and family over to try out several varieties and have everyone guess the flavors! It’ll be fun to see who has the most discerning palate and discover which chips everyone likes best.

5. However, if you like all things tried and true, Lay’s Classic is the chip for you.

If that’s the case, keep the party going. Make life’s moments a celebration of potato chips and include packs of Lay’s in your family’s lunch boxes, or snack on them while enjoying family movie night or hanging out with your friends watching a game together.

Put March 14 on your calendar from now on so you’ll always remember to celebrate everyone’s favorite snack on National Potato Chip Day. It’s the perfect excuse to enjoy a party with your friends and family that nobody will forget.


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