Tips for turning seasonal work into a full-time job

Tips for turning seasonal work into a full-time job

(BPT) – Ready for a new gig? With the holidays around the corner, many businesses are offering seasonal work. It’s not just for people looking to make a few extra dollars. It’s a little known fact that some employers often end up offering some seasonal workers a permanent role after the holidays are over.

So whether you’re thinking of moving on from your current job, or you’re out of work due to the pandemic, seasonal work can be a great way to get your foot in the door.

If you’re interested in the idea of leveraging seasonal work into a meaningful career at a company with great benefits, here are some tips and insights to keep in mind as you start filling out those applications.

Look beyond retail: Seasonal work offers opportunities that go well beyond operating a cash register. Many sectors are looking to add thousands to their payroll during the holidays, including transportation, manufacturing and package delivery. For example, did you know that UPS is currently filling over 100,000 jobs for the 2020 holiday season? In the past three years, about 35% of their seasonal employees ended up with permanent roles. So keep your eyes open, because you may discover possibilities you may not have considered.

Make your intentions known: If you’re interested in making your seasonal job into something permanent, speak up. Tell your boss you’d love to stay on after the holidays. If they don’t know you’re interested, you may get overlooked when the perfect opportunity opens up. No need to constantly drop hints, but it’s important to raise your hand so they know to consider you.

Give your best effort: Once you’re hired on, keep in mind your boss will be looking at the strongest candidates when it comes to offering permanent work. Do your best to show everyone that you’re a great employee and colleague. That means showing up on time, being willing to go above and beyond, and bringing a positive, can-do attitude to work every day.

Make sure the job is right for you: Sometimes, when we’re job hunting, we lose sight of the fact that this is a time to test-drive a new role. That’s what makes seasonal work such a unique opportunity. If the company is evaluating you, it’s just as important that you evaluate the company. Ask veterans what it’s like to work there. Now’s a good time to find out what they like about the work, along with any benefits the company offers, and how the company promotes a good quality of life.

Looking for a job that pays great and has benefits such as health insurance, vacation time and pension benefits isn’t easy. But for many workers, seasonal work can provide a path to bigger and better things.

Just ask the 123,000 permanent UPS employees who started out in seasonal positions – about a third of their current workforce, including top managers and executives. Maybe you’ll be one of them! Check out the opportunities at and apply today.


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