These well-known friends want you to help protect yourself from pneumococcal pneumonia

These well-known friends want you to help protect yourself from pneumococcal pneumonia

(BPT) – For Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana, life after football has been full of taking his shot at some new things. And actress, comedian, author and award-winning broadcaster Sherri Shepherd is joining him. They’re taking their shot at a range of activities while helping spread the word about pneumococcal pneumonia – a potentially serious bacterial lung disease. This duo is helping protect themselves against pneumococcal pneumonia, and then taking their shot at new activities – while encouraging others to do the same.

Q: What were both of your favorite activities that you took your shot at?

Sherri: I always enjoy spending time outdoors so having the experience of photographing nature was really up my alley. It was also really fun to switch things up from my usual tennis game and team up with Joe here for pickleball. We make quite the team.

Joe: We sure do. And you know I love a challenge, which is why I was excited to put my chef hat on and try out artistic baking. It’s out of my comfort zone, but I was pretty happy with the final product.

Q: We understand you’re both teaming up with Pfizer to help raise awareness about the importance of getting vaccinated against pneumococcal pneumonia. Joe, you’ve done this once before, what made you return for round two?

Joe: Well, I now understand how important it is to help prevent pneumococcal pneumonia, so I want to make sure others understand it too. Pneumococcal pneumonia doesn’t take an off-season. It’s a potentially serious bacterial lung disease that could have the ability to put people in the hospital and can even be life-threatening.

And because I’m over 65, I’m at increased risk. Others 65 or older should know they are, too.

Q: Sherri, we see you’ve joined in on this effort too. Why is raising awareness for pneumococcal pneumonia important to you?

Sherri: Well, living with diabetes also puts me at increased risk for pneumococcal pneumonia. I want to help other adults with certain underlying medical conditions – like asthma, COPD or chronic heart disease – to understand they are at increased risk, too.

It all starts with understanding your risk. Then, learning the steps to help protect yourself.

Q: How can people help protect themselves against pneumococcal pneumonia?

Joe: Vaccination is one of the best ways to help protect ourselves.

Sherri: And even if you’ve been vaccinated against pneumococcal pneumonia in the past, your doctor or pharmacist may recommend another vaccination for additional protection.

Joe: Everyone’s situation is different though, so it’s important to talk to a healthcare provider about vaccination.

Q: When can you catch pneumococcal pneumonia?

Sherri: There’s a misconception that you can only get pneumococcal pneumonia in the winter or during flu season, but it can strike at any time.

Joe: And vaccination is available all year round. That’s why we’re encouraging people to ask their doctor or pharmacist today about getting vaccinated during the “preseason” – before flu season starts.

Q: Thanks so much for the information, Joe and Sherri. I’m excited to see you both in action. Where can people find out more?

Sherri: To learn more about the disease, risks, symptoms and more, visit

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