Thanks, Dad: 5 special things you can do for your father this season

Thanks, Dad: 5 special things you can do for your father this season

(BPT) – He was there when you rode your bike for the first time, got behind the wheel of a car and when you simply couldn’t figure out algebra. Your dad has been there for you through the good and the bad and he’s given you so much that you can’t help but want to give back.

Now’s the perfect time. Whether you do it for Father’s Day, his birthday, anniversary or a simple surprise Tuesday, anytime can be the perfect backdrop to show Dad just how much he’s meant to you and it all starts with these tips.

* Celebrate his interests. What does your dad love to do? Whatever it is, do it with him. Whether it’s a fishing trip to his favorite lake, tickets to watch his favorite team play or even a surprise trip to the destination he’s always wanted to visit, Dad will love the gift even more if it means spending time with you.

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* Think of everything. This sounds daunting at first, of course, but one of the best gifts you can give Dad is a day away from the pressures he normally feels. That means if you plan to spend the day with him doing one of the activities listed above, plan that activity out to the last detail so he only has to go along for the ride. And if you’re not planning to do such an excursion, your dad will appreciate your help with a job on his to-do list. Painting, yard work or errands, the more you can do for him, the less stress he’ll feel.

* Create a scrapbook. From social media to computers and cloud storage, finding the photos and videos that relive important life moments has never been easier. Use them and create a scrapbook or digital memento for your father. Celebrate some of your greatest adventures together and you’ll create a keepsake he’ll cherish forever.

* Say thank you. This one is so simple it’s amazing how many people forget to do it. At the same time, though, sometimes a simple thank-you is all Dad needs. Thank him for everything he has brought to your life. Thank him for teaching you to ride a bike, drive a car or trying to teach you algebra. Let him know that you appreciate everything he has done for you and you’ll truly deliver your father a one-of-a-kind present.


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