Surprise holiday hit: Luxe bidet seats are the gift everyone will love

Surprise holiday hit: Luxe bidet seats are the gift everyone will love

(BPT) – What if you could give a gift that loved ones would use every day? Something that would enhance their well-being and comfort with a touch of luxury. Such a unicorn gift does exist: bidet seats.

The average person visits the bathroom multiple times a day and spends more than 90 minutes on the toilet a week. Bidet seats enhance this time, plus their popularity has soared since the pandemic, with people putting a new focus on personal hygiene, luxury at home, and overall self-care.

For years, you could only find bidets in high-end spas and hotels, but more people are upgrading their bathrooms by adding bidets into their homes. Bidet seats come with a wide range of features from basic attachments with cold water to high-tech electronic bidet seats like the line of WASHLETs from TOTO with temperature-controlled warm-water cleansing, heated seats, personal drying, and more.

A bidet seat is the unexpected gift that will thrill your loved ones and totally change their daily routines. Easy to install, TOTO’s line of WASHLET bidet seats are perfect for a variety of people, and with models starting under $500, there is one for everyone on your gift list.

The new homeowner or renter: Bidet seats fit most standard toilets and are easy to install without the need for a plumber. They are great for homeowners and renters looking to transform their bathroom by adding elements of luxury. Installation is as easy as changing out your toilet seat. One option to consider is the WASHLET C2, which has variable air drying, automatic air deodorizer, automatic EWATER+ (electrolyzed water) wand cleaning and bowl PREMIST to keep the toilet cleaner.

The expecting/new parents: Pregnancy can make it awkward to use the bathroom. And post-partum care and cleansing can be a real challenge. TOTO WASHLET bidets offer moms a warm seat and personalized cleansing options that provide gentle warm water cleansing and drying without the strain of trying to reach to wipe with harsh toilet paper. Plus, bidets can soothe inflammation and soreness, and reduce the risks of concerns like UTIs. Moms and dads will love the WASHLET C5 that has dual action spray with oscillating and pulsating water massage features, slim wireless remote and on-demand wand cleaning with EWATER+ option.

The self-care king/hygiene queen: More doctors are recommending washing with water for numerous health benefits. Using a TOTO WASHLET bidet seat is more hygienic and comfortable than toilet paper, offering unparalleled confidence and cleanliness without the itch and discomfort that can come with toilet paper. Using a bidet can even help reduce and ease hemorrhoids and help with issues like Crohn’s disease or IBS. Consider the WASHLET S7 for continuous warm water and energy savings, four users’ personalized memory settings, night light, seamless seat design and automatic open/close lid.

Gifts for environmentally conscious: Bidet seats provide comfort and cleansing while using 75% less toilet paper. Eliminating just one roll of toilet paper saves 37 gallons of water, according to Scientific American. Self-cleaning features reduce the need for frequent cleaning and the use of harsh chemicals. Adding a WASHLET bidet seat to a low-flow, water-saving toilet can make a significant difference in your household’s water consumption. Also, TOTO does not just make sustainable products, it is a global leader in sustainability practices.

Gifts for the traveler/person on the go: People are back in travel mode and want to feel their best whether they’re going near or far. The Travel WASHLET provides a portable, personal version of TOTO’s popular bidet technology for when you are away from the comforts of home or in a less than ideal restroom situation.

Whether a special gift to a loved one or a gift to yourself, adding a bidet seat to an existing toilet is a quick DIY way to turn a bathroom into a personal sanctuary. This accessible luxury provides comfort and hygiene and makes self-care a priority all year long.


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