Santa Bass shares 10 holiday gift ideas for those who love fishing

Santa Bass shares 10 holiday gift ideas for those who love fishing

(BPT) – Has your favorite angler been naughty or nice this past year? Santa Bass knows all, so you better be good! For the coming holiday season, Santa Bass offers 10 incredible gift ideas and stocking stuffers that will surely bring a smile to your favorite angler.

1. Clean a mess of fish fast – Every now and then, some anglers like to keep their catch for a nice shore lunch or dinner. It sounds fun, until you face the messy job of cleaning fish. Not anymore! High-quality, heavy-duty lithium electric fillet knives make fast work of fish cleaning, and they’re great for other meats, too.

2. Protection from the sun – If your favorite angler spends a lot of time in the sun – on a boat, in a kayak, or fishing from a pier or shore, they need to be covered up to protect their skin from the harmful effects of UV rays. Hooded shirts designed for anglers of all ages are great looking, provide moisture-wicking performance, and offer UPF 50+ UV sun protection along with moisture-wicking performance.

3. Warm and dry – If you put your time in on the water fishing, eventually, you’re going to get wet. It’s not a matter of if, it’s just a matter of when. Having a reliable rain jacket and bibs designed for extreme conditions by the nation’s top anglers is essential if you’re going to spend time on the water.

4. Fish like a pro bass angler – For anglers who want to fish what the pros fish, consider a fishing lure actually created by one of the top bass fishing pros in the nation, Bassmaster Classic champion Ott DeFoe. Designed in DeFoe’s garage, the Rapala OG Rocco is a buoyant, round balsa bait with a square circuit board lip that has been proven in the nation’s top bass tournaments.

5. No more fish ‘tales’ – No doubt, you’ve heard the stories about ‘the big one.’ And each year, the big one gets a little bigger. Keep your favorite angler honest with a 50 lb. Touch Screen Fish Scale designed for anglers. It’s easy to use to weigh and track one’s catch.

6. Keep your angler warm – A lot of anglers like to get up early to start fishing. Keep your angler warm and cozy with a thick, soft hoodie that’s perfect for those crisp, cool mornings.

7. Get organized – Is your angler kind of disorganized? Lures and tools all over the boat, in the garage, or in the ice fishing house? The SmartHub system by Rapala helps anglers get more organized, which means more time fishing.

8. Tools to get the job done rightPliers, scissors, forceps, knife sharpener, clippers, hook sharpener, lantern. For anglers to stay on top of their game, they need some essential, high-quality tools to keep their gear in tip-top shape, as well as tools that can stand up to the elements, in freshwater or saltwater.

9. Stocking stuffers – Looking for some less expensive (under $25) gift ideas to stuff into your favorite angler’s stocking? How about a speaker to listen to some tunes? A fish counter? A deck of cards or a stocking cap? Or, the world’s all-time best-selling fishing lure?

10. Ice trolling – And lastly, if you live in the Ice Belt of the country and enjoy ice fishing, here’s a seriously good gift idea that will save you lots of time and is good for the environment. Serious ice anglers drill lots of holes, and to accomplish that, they need a proven, electric ice auger and drill that gets the job done fast. It’s called ice trolling. Santa Bass recommends the StrikeMaster Lithium 40V auger and Lite-Flite Lazer™ Drill Unit to get to walleye, crappie, bluegill, and pike during hardwater season.


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