Remodeling your basement? Here is everything you need to know to see a high return on investment

Remodeling your basement? Here is everything you need to know to see a high return on investment

(BPT) – By Bryan Baeumler, HGTV Personality & Professional Contractor

So, you are remodeling your basement – smart move! According to Redfin’s real estate experts, a basement renovation is one of the top 10 ways to maximize your usable square footage and in turn, increase your home’s value.

Not sure where to start? I’ve got you covered. I have spent almost 20 years renovating basements from the ground up on DIY and home improvement television shows. Here are three tried-and-true basement finishing projects that will help you create a purposeful, comfortable living space that your family can enjoy now and that will appeal to potential homebuyers down the road.

Create a solid foundation with a high-quality basement subfloor

First, a basement renovation is a major investment into your home, so protect your investment by installing a quality subfloor. A subfloor from a trusted brand like DRICORE provides a barrier between the concrete floor and your finished floors. This barrier not only protects against the effects of moisture, like mold and mildew, but it also helps the basement floor stay warmer underneath your feet and cushions your steps. A DIY-friendly option, DRICORE® Subfloor has an intuitive tongue and groove design that makes installation quick and easy. You can finish a 500-square-foot basement in just half a day.

Upgrade basement windows to create a more comfortable living space

If you have windows in your basement, no matter how large or how small – lucky you! They allow natural light to filter into an otherwise dark space, making the basement appear brighter and more inviting. But sometimes, a home’s original windows are ridden with gaps and cracks around the glass and frame, causing the room to feel cold and damp in the winter and uncomfortably hot in the summer. Fix this problem and create a comfortable basement living space by installing new, energy-efficient windows. New windows not only help regulate room temperature, but they also offer improved security, reduce outside noise and give the space an updated, finished appearance.

Brighten up the room with strategic lighting and neutral paint colors

If you do not have basement windows that draw in natural light, there are still plenty of easy DIY projects that will help create a bright, inviting living space – whether for your benefit or to appeal to a future homebuyer. Illuminate your finished basement with all-over lighting, which is typically best achieved through recessed ceiling lights or budget-friendly track lighting. To create ambience, go with Nordic-inspired floor lamps or wall sconces that highlight the family photos hung on the wall. Complete your basement renovation by painting the walls in a neutral paint color, like a soft off-white that reflects and absorbs the light in the room. To bring additional warmth into the finished space, go with an on-trend ‘greige’ color (a mix of gray and beige) on the basement walls or ceiling.

What’s next?

Like any home improvement project, remodeling your basement can feel like a daunting task. But with the right foundation and a few DIY projects in your arsenal, you can easily transform your basement into a functional, comfortable living space. Not only will a finished basement optimize your home’s available square footage and in turn increase its value, but it could also make you think twice about selling … it will be hard to say goodbye to the newly remodeled living space!


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