Prepare for Retirement by Steadying Your Financial Ship

Prepare for Retirement by Steadying Your Financial Ship

(BPT) – Approaching retirement is an exciting prospect: transitioning into this phase of life gives everyone the chance to spend more time with their family and enjoy favorite hobbies. However, wider economic conditions, particularly those we have seen over the last year, can sometimes prevent us from retiring when we want – or how we want.

According to research, 48% of people who were planning to retire in 2022 may now be putting their plans on hold. While pausing big life changes can be a sensible response in difficult times, you can still retire at the time of your choosing by steadying your financial ship ahead of time.

While we can’t control the economic headwinds we’re given as we approach retirement, individuals 50+ can take steps to ensure they retire in comfort and in good financial health by being savvy with their savings. With the benefits provided by AARP, members can save on everyday items, moving services and home repairs, and transition seamlessly into retired life no matter the economic backdrop. Here are just some of the ways AARP members can save day-to-day and head towards retirement in a strong financial position.

1. Save on Everyday Items to Give Yourself Breathing Room Elsewhere

It’s the everyday items that can sometimes add up when we review our expenses, so finding ways to save on these daily purchases is a fantastic way for future retirees to remain liquid. When you link your Exxon Mobil Rewards+™ account to your AARP membership, you earn extra points every day on the things you already buy, like fuel, car washes and convenience store items, and you’ll get 2x the points on fuel on AARP member days.

AARP members who are new to the Exxon Mobil Rewards+™ program will also receive a 500-point bonus (worth $5 in savings) after their first fill-up to redeem towards Exxon or Mobil fuel or convenience store items. Every 100 points you earn is the equivalent of $1 in savings on eligible purchases.

Thousands of people visit Walgreens daily not just for prescriptions, but for health and wellness, beauty and personal care needs. What many people don’t know is that you can earn rewards while buying these everyday essentials to save on future purchases. When you link your AARP and myWalgreens® memberships, you’ll earn 10% Walgreens Cash rewards on Walgreens branded health and wellness products, 7% Walgreens Cash rewards on Walgreens branded beauty and personal care products and 3% Walgreens Cash rewards on all other qualifying beauty and personal care products. Exclusions and restrictions apply. For full details, visit

2. Ensure Smooth Sailing to Your Next Home By Saving on Moving Services

Getting ready to retire often means considering starting afresh with a new home. If you’re moving to downsize or relocating for a job or to be closer to family, with AARP member benefits, members have access to discounts to make these moves easier and less expensive. With Budget Truck, members can save 20% on local or one-way truck rentals on Sunday through Thursday and 10% on Friday and Saturday, plus receive a $10-per-day Physical Damage Waiver.

Members save up to $250 when they book moving services through Shyft. Dedicated Shyft Move Managers are trained to compare multiple pricing options among verified moving companies, lock in a rate upon booking, and help oversee your move. Make sure to enter your AARP membership number online or mention it over the phone.

3. Ensure Your Home is Comfortable and Safe with Discounted Repairs

One thing that homeowners can’t overlook is repairs, necessities which never seem to occur at the easiest time. And, if you have a new home, there may be additional expenses to keep it safe and well maintained, especially if you’re planning to age in place. AARP members have the opportunity to save on these essential costs. Members receive $36 off any American Home Shield® home warranty plan that can help cover the cost to repair or replace parts of home appliances and systems that break down over time. Plus, for a limited time, American Home Shield® is giving AARP members an additional $100 off for a total discount of $136 off any plan. Limitations and exclusions apply. Valid only for new American Home Shield members.

With Porch Home Services, members save 5% on small jobs completed by a Porch handyman, and get enhanced property protection for both small jobs and major home improvements. Plus, you get complimentary access to a dedicated Porch Home Assistant team that can help you book and manage your projects, assist with moving services, and more.

Those approaching retirement are naturally looking for ways to keep their financial ship steady and resilient to any headwinds that could impact their savings. While we can’t control the economy at the moment we choose to take the plunge, AARP member savings are an excellent way to ensure you transition into retirement in a strong position. By using these saving tips and taking advantage of these member benefits, being able to retire comfortably is within reach. Check out to view more benefits and savings available to AARP members.

Neither AARP nor its affiliates is the insurer. AARP and its affiliates are not insurance producers, agents or brokers, and do not sell or service insurance products. AARP member benefits are provided by third parties, not by AARP or its affiliates. Providers pay a royalty fee to AARP for the use of its intellectual property. These fees are used for the general purposes of AARP. Some provider offers are subject to change and may have restrictions. Please contact the provider directly for details.


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