Preparation is key: See how one football legend is helping defend himself against pneumococcal pneumonia

Preparation is key: See how one football legend is helping defend himself against pneumococcal pneumonia


(BPT) – Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana knows a thing or two about preparation – both on and off the field. With the big game coming up, we asked Joe about how preparation played a role in his football days – and how it continues to help him succeed in life after football.

Q: How are you preparing for the big game?

Joe: These days, my preparation for the big game looks a little different, which means I’m usually getting food ready to share with my family and friends. I look forward to our watch party every year!

Q: Why is preparation so important?

Joe: When it comes to football, a lot of work happens before kickoff. Getting to know your opponent ahead of time is key to having a strong defense – and planning how to strike on offense.

Now that I’m retired, I’ve realized that preparation is a value I can apply to other aspects of my life, like my health. That’s why I got vaccinated against pneumococcal pneumonia. And why I’m partnering with Pfizer to educate others about the risk of pneumococcal pneumonia.

Q: What is pneumococcal pneumonia?

Joe: Pneumococcal pneumonia is a potentially serious bacterial lung disease that can disrupt your life for weeks. It can even put you in the hospital or be life-threatening.

If you’re 65 or older, like me, or 19 or older with certain underlying medical conditions, like asthma, diabetes or chronic heart disease, you’re at increased risk.

Q: How can people prepare to help prevent pneumococcal pneumonia?

Joe: Vaccination is one of the best ways to prepare and help protect yourself from getting pneumococcal pneumonia. Your doctor or pharmacist can provide information on vaccine options.

Q: When can you catch it?

Joe: Pneumococcal pneumonia can strike at any time, in any season. People typically think that pneumococcal pneumonia can only be caught in the winter or during flu season, but you can catch it any time of year. But vaccination is available all year round, so now is the time to ask your doctor or pharmacist if vaccination is right for you.

Q: What if you’ve had a pneumococcal pneumonia vaccination before?

Joe: Even if you’ve already been vaccinated against pneumococcal pneumonia previously, your healthcare provider may recommend another vaccination against it for additional protection.

You don’t want pneumococcal pneumonia standing in your way of enjoying the big game. Don’t wait – ask your doctor or pharmacist about pneumococcal pneumonia vaccination today and visit to learn more.

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