Piecing together your emotional wellness routine in 2021

Piecing together your emotional wellness routine in 2021

(BPT) – 2020 was a tough year for everyone, so it’s more important than ever to develop positive physical, mental and emotional wellness routines as you tackle a new year and new challenges. As Americans continue to spend an increased amount of time in front of screens, these new routines can help reduce stress and anxiety by finding ways to stay grounded in your physical environment.

One simple and effective way to incorporate more wellness and relaxation into your daily home life is through doing jigsaw puzzles. With COVID restrictions still in place this winter, puzzles can bring comfort and stress relief straight to your living room or dining room table. In fact, a recent Ipsos study conducted by renowned puzzle maker Ravensburger found that almost 60% of people sampled puzzles to relax, and 45% of people rely on puzzles for stress relief.

If you’re new to puzzling, National Puzzle Month is the perfect time to check out this beloved pastime. Due to the sheer variety of puzzle images and piece counts – ranging from fewer than 100 to thousands of pieces – there’s something for people of all ages to enjoy. Your choice of puzzle theme can enhance your experience, bring a sense of fun and exploration as well as satisfaction and peace of mind with every piece you put together. Plus, working toward the same goal provides a feeling of togetherness with family members who puzzle with you.

Here are just some of the wellness benefits offered through puzzling:

Pictures that are worth a thousand words

Piecing together a beautiful or comforting image can invoke nostalgic memories and intrigue the imagination about what’s to come. The Cozy Bathroom puzzle from Ravensburger may even inspire a real-life at-home spa experience to unwind and unplug. Some puzzlers find their completed puzzles so attractive to look at that they are glued and framed to be admired as a decorative piece of art for years to come.

Themed puzzles to match any puzzler’s interest

Adults can find puzzles that are centered around their particular interests or hobbies or picture a favorite place to increase the joy of assembling it. The younger ones in the family can have fun putting together pictures of some of their favorite characters, such as Ravensburger’s Disney Princess Heartsong puzzle that brings beloved princesses to life designed with a piece count that’s just for them. Creating images that represent something you enjoy can provide a great sense of tangible satisfaction and pleasure.

The family that puzzles together has fun together

A 300-piece puzzle takes approximately two to three hours to complete, so it’s the perfect activity for enjoying cozy winter evenings indoors as a family. Puzzling not only gets your kids away from their screens and gadgets, it also creates a collaborative atmosphere that can inspire lively conversation while you all puzzle together.

Challenge your brain

A challenging puzzle can keep your brain happily occupied for hours as you focus on your task – and away from potentially distressing news and endless doom scrolling. A single-color puzzle like Ravensburger’s Krypt series can be the perfect brain-buster for a winter afternoon.

In fact, according to a CBS report, jigsaw puzzles were originally designed to be an educational tool – they were first invented in the 1760s as a way to teach British children geography, then gained popularity in the United States during the Great Depression for both entertainment and employment purposes.

Whether you are a long-time puzzler or just starting out, there is an endless variety of puzzles to enjoy on your own or with your family that are sure to become a part of your relaxation and stress-relief strategy this year.


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