Meet the voice-activated diabetes expert for free 24/7 help and support

Meet the voice-activated diabetes expert for free 24/7 help and support

(BPT) – Managing insulin-dependent diabetes is no easy task. Often, people living with diabetes could really use an expert close by who can answer questions and motivate them to stay on their management plans. Now, that someone is Sulli the Diabetes Guru.

Sulli the Diabetes Guru, a new, free voice-activated assistant available on Amazon Alexa, brings 40 years of experience and understanding from Roche Diabetes Care directly into the homes of people with diabetes. Just say, ‘Alexa, Open Sulli the Diabetes Guru.’

Available 24/7, Sulli is a knowledgeable and supportive source of information, lifestyle tips and advice on diet, exercise, medication, blood glucose monitoring and more.

‘Diabetes is a full-time job and can be overwhelming, especially during these uncertain times,’ said Matt Logan, Vice President of Marketing, Roche Diabetes Care. ‘With Sulli just a voice-command away, getting expert advice is as easy as picking up the phone or messaging a friend.’

Sulli the Diabetes Guru can answer important questions like, What is high blood sugar? Or What should I be eating? or ‘Is it okay to exercise before taking a blood sugar test? as well as set reminders to take medication, give lifestyle tips, and help find the nearest blood glucose monitor retailer.

With 34.2 million Americans-just over 1 in 10-living with diabetes, according to the 2020 National Diabetes Statistics Report, voice technology is an increasingly valuable and convenient solution for everyday diabetes management needs.

Sulli the Diabetes Guru and Roche Diabetes Care do not provide medical advice. All content is approved by Roche Diabetes Care and is consistent with the company’s mission to help people with diabetes think less about their daily diabetes routine so they can get true relief day and night.

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