Master Your Grill With These Trending Grilling Recipes and Tips

Master Your Grill With These Trending Grilling Recipes and Tips

(BPT) – Reynolds Wrap® has you covered with the latest grilling trends and tips to help fire up the 2019 grilling season! Whether you’re cooking for one or feeding the entire neighborhood, these ideas will turn you into a grill master. For even more recipes and grilling inspiration, visit or follow us on Facebook.

1. Turn your gas grill into a smoker

Give your gas grill the smoky flavor you want without having to purchase another piece of expensive grilling equipment. With Reynolds Wrap, you can have the best of both worlds. Add presoaked woodchips to the center of a piece of foil and fold into a foil packet. Poke several holes in the top to allow smoke to escape and place near food on the grill. Learn more and see the full step-by-step process here.

2. Grill your own pizza

Keep the oven off this summer and use your grill to make your own pizza! Use Reynolds Wrap Heavy Duty Foil to make cooking, cleaning up and wrapping leftovers a breeze. Get the recipe for our Greek Grilled Pizza here.

3. Grill with foil packets to help lock in flavor

Foil packet cooking with Reynolds Wrap Heavy Duty Foil is an easy way to make delicious meals on the grill, while locking in nutrients and flavor. Vegetables come out crisp and meats stay moist and tender with no cleanup. Get some of our favorite foil packet recipes here.

4. Grill your dessert

Don’t forget dessert! Grilled s’mores ice cream sandwiches make the perfect after-dinner treat and are easy to make on the grill – no campfire needed. Get the recipe here.

5. Clean your grill with aluminum foil

When you’re all done grilling, simply take a piece of aluminum foil and roll it into a ball. Then grab your tongs and use these to steady the ball of foil so that you can scrape the grill grates. The foil will knock off leftover residue, leaving you with clean grates for the next time you fire up the grill – it’s that easy!


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