Had a safe flight? Innovation in American commercial aerospace drives the way.

Had a safe flight? Innovation in American commercial aerospace drives the way.

(BPT) – As Labor Day marked the traditional end of summer, it is no secret this year’s travel season was quite the bumpy ride. Travel was up as Americans took to the skies again. In fact, the TSA issued a report in June that ‘passenger traffic in the United States has been averaging about 89% of the pre-pandemic levels since the Memorial Day holiday.’ Hopefully, despite any headaches brought on by weather delays or crew shortages, you were able to finally take a long overdue trip postponed by the pandemic, join the family reunion at the in-laws’ lake house, or have a last hurrah on a sandy beach.

For whatever reason you took a trip this summer, most of the travel headaches airline travelers experienced were due to two main challenges: weather and crew constraints in the face of rising travel. Record demand for plane tickets and staffing issues post-pandemic made operations in the air and on the ground more vulnerable to disruptions. Airlines had significantly fewer crew, especially pilots, available, leading air operators to cancel hundreds of flights. Additionally, air traffic controller shortages created issues in managing the airways.

Luckily, the U.S. aerospace industry has been innovating and working at full tilt in anticipation of the return to travel for Americans this summer. Nearly two million employees come to work every day to ensure that airplanes are well equipped, and that supply chain issues don’t impact your travel. In fact, behind every flight is an industry committed to engineering and manufacturing critical parts to ensure your flight is not delayed due to mechanical or electrical issues.

One company, TransDigm, is at the heart of that invaluable aviation supply chain, employing over 7,000 workers across 60 manufacturing facilities in 17 U.S. states, all committed to keeping flights safely moving through the skies. TransDigm’s businesses design, produce and supply airlines and commercial aircraft manufacturers with highly engineered aircraft components that fly on virtually every passenger or cargo aircraft in service today. These innovations are making airline travel safe and more reliable every day.

Starting in the cockpit, where innovations from TransDigm companies like AvtechTyee and Korry Electronics are bringing real-time data to pilots more precisely and quickly than before, ensuring safer landings and better decision-making from the flight deck.

American aerospace workers are also helping keep you safe from airborne particles while you fly through innovations like Pexco Aerospace’s Airshield Cabin-Air Device, which enhances the existing HEPA air available in the aircraft cabin and reduces particle transmission up to 95% between neighboring passengers. Equally notable is the Adams Rite Aerospace Touch Free Aircraft Lavatory Suite that ensure passengers can access a clean airplane restroom with the simple wave of their hand, opening doors, waste bins and activating sanitary controls.

As you begin to make fall and holiday travel plans, take a minute to think about the commercial aerospace industry and the thousands of workers who think every day about your air travel experience and how to get you safely and comfortably to your destination, even if the plane arrived later than planned.


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