Get crafty this year and spread a bunch of holiday cheer

Get crafty this year and spread a bunch of holiday cheer

(BPT) – Holiday decorations bring a smile to everyone’s face, and this year, we could all use that now more than ever. Crafting seasonal décor instead of shopping for it gives you and your family something to occupy your extra time at home and helps you avoid big crowds and shopping stress.

Perhaps you’ll make wooden signs with jolly messages or metal snowflakes covered in lights? Or maybe you’ll craft ornaments for the tree or engrave life-lasting messages into the menorah? No matter the craft, a homemade holiday novelty will bring a sense of pride and happiness to all.

Ready to get crafty and holiday savvy? Here’s what to do:

Make a plan

Visualize your project in your space and measure the location so you know how many supplies you need. Take a look around to notice what areas have the most room. Get a view from the outside to see what your neighbors will see when passing by.

Browse social media/decoration sites for inspiration. Save pictures of your favorites and then picture it fitting in your space. You could even sketch out your design on paper to get a clearer vision of what you’re going to create.

Locate your sources of electricity if you want to incorporate lights, music or even snow machines (hey, we can dream!). Be sure you have extension cords if you’ll need them.

Shop for your materials

Shop for and select the items that are eye-catching and fun. Consider bright, festive colors and pretty patterns.

Research the items you need, and what stores near you carry them before you leave to save some time. Price check between stores to ensure you don’t overspend. If possible, you can even order online supplies ahead of time to avoid the crowds.

Have the best tools in your tool belt

Equip yourself with tools that are lightweight, versatile, portable, user friendly and the very best to get the job done. The new MakerX line of tools from Worx will elevate your home-crafter game, giving you a range of creative options, allowing you to create from anywhere and perfecting the small details that make all the difference. The tool set revolves around a 20V Power Hub battery that powers five versatile tools, including an air brush, angle grinder, mini heat gun, rotary tool and wood and metal grinder, so the possibilities are limitless.

Be sure to test out your tools on some scraps first before diving into your perfect materials and always follow safety measures and be careful when handling tools.

Set the mood

You’ve got everything you need so now it’s time to start feeling festive. Light an apple cinnamon, vanilla cookie, fir and firewood or whatever spiced-snow-scent-tickles-your-fancy candle, turn on the cold weather carols and get your groove on.

Pour a cup of cocoa – or a glass of spiked cider for mom and dad – and get to work!

Kick back and admire your work

Enjoy the company of those around you as you work together to make your holiday crafts and see the beauty in creating something with your hands, regardless of the imperfections. Work any mistakes into your final design. After all, the experience is half the fun, and you’re making memories that will last forever.

Proudly display your holiday decorations in and out of your home for yourself, your family and your neighbors to enjoy.

Take lots of pictures for friends and family who can’t be there in person and share your work on social media. A little joy goes a long way.


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