Fur-tastic fabric care: Top 5 do’s and don’ts for pet-friendly homes

Fur-tastic fabric care: Top 5 do’s and don’ts for pet-friendly homes

(BPT) – Being a pet parent is a joy and privilege. Every day, you have a friendly, four-legged companion who’s just as happy to join you on walks and hikes as they are to relax with you on the couch. However, having a pet also comes with some unique challenges, especially when it comes to fabric care.

Pet stains, hair and odors can be tough on your clothing, bedding and furniture. However, with some preparation and tips, you can easily keep your fabrics clean and fresh, even if your furry family member has an accident. Check out these five do’s and don’ts of fabric care for pet owners.

1. Do rotate pet bedding and blankets

If you have pet bedding – like removable, machine-washable pet bed covers or designated pet blankets – or removable furniture covers, they can quickly get dirty with pet hair, oils and any soil your pet may track in from outside. Make sure to regularly wash and rotate these items to prevent odors and bacteria buildup. Ideally, you should do this once a week. Make it easier on yourself by having a couple sets of bedding and blankets so you can remove and launder one set while using another.

2. Don’t wait to wash

Pet parents know that accidents happen. While you can’t control unexpected pet messes, you can act right away. As soon as you notice dirty paw prints, urine or other accidents, treat and wash the fabric right away to prevent any stains and control odors. Make sure to invest in a pet-safe stain remover that’s gentle on fabrics.

3. Do use fabric conditioner designed for pet parents

Laundry detergent alone may not be enough to protect your fabrics in a pet-friendly home. Try using a liquid fabric conditioner like Suavitel® Shed Shield, specifically formulated for pet parents who want to win the fight against fur. It fights pet odors* and repels pet hair** while keeping the clothes you love irresistibly soft and fresh. Best of all, it lets you focus on your furry friends’ love and companionship and worry less about fur sticking to your clothing. To learn more, visit Suavitel.com.

*versus detergent alone, against wet dog and cat urine odors, tested on cotton and cotton-polyester fabrics

**versus detergent alone

4. Don’t wash with regular laundry

It may seem logical and convenient to simply throw pet-soiled fabrics in the wash with your other dirty items, but it’s not a good idea. Make sure to always wash your pet’s bedding and blankets, as well as any fabrics with pet stains and hair, separately from your regular laundry. Doing so prevents pet odor and bacteria from contaminating your regular laundry.

5. Do use lint rollers and fabric brushes

Lint rollers and fabric brushes are handy tools that quickly remove pet hair, lint and other debris from your upholstery. Consider buying a few and storing them throughout the house. For example, keep one in the living room, bedroom and foyer so you can remove pet hair as soon as you see it to keep your upholstery looking and feeling fresh.

You don’t have to choose between clean, fresh fabrics and a pet-friendly home. Using these five tips, you can easily care for and maintain your clothing and home fabrics for you and your fur babies.


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