Finding harmony: You, your cat and the litter box

Finding harmony: You, your cat and the litter box

(BPT) – The joys of being a cat parent are endless, yet nothing is quite like the stress of creating a perfect litter box setup that you can feel good about. Cats can be picky, so it can be challenging to appease their needs while also making the box a less intrusive part of the household. Discord on either side can lead to smells, messes, frustration and resentment. But there are some simple ways to create harmony that also benefit a greater good.

‘A recent study surveying cat owners (American Pet Owners, September 2020) revealed 60% of parents are attracted to litters that benefit or are better for their cats. This is essential to creating a positive litter box experience for your cat,’ said Lisa Mak, VP of Marketing, Cat’s Pride. ‘Cat owners also want to feel good about the litter they purchase and look for purpose-driven litter brands that are committed to helping animals in need.’

Mak adds that a philanthropic-minded brand is important to consumers, and so are traditional litter innovations such as easier clean-up/convenience, innovative odor control, clumping and low dust/tracking. By combining these traits with some other best practices, litter box harmony can be achieved.

A harmonious litter box experience for you and your cat begins with three steps:

  1. Choose the right box: The best litter box is one that fits your cat, not your home. The box should be large enough that your cat can use it several times without the risk of standing on already soiled cat litter. It should also be placed somewhere convenient and obvious, somewhere safe (no risk of being scared or surprised) and, if you have more than one cat, away from other cats.
  2. Choose the right litter: As the study above indicates, both cats and cat parents can be picky about litter. Cat’s Pride Max Power Total Odor Control Litter provides cat parents with these key features in one litter. The patented Max Power dual-clay formula works immediately to trap and eliminate odor for 10 days. It’s 99% dust free so it’s perfect for sensitive cats and owners and forms strong clumps for easy, no-mess cleanup. As with any new litter, avoid making an abrupt change and presenting your cat with the unfamiliar (they hate unfamiliar). Give your cat time to adjust to the new formula. If done gradually, your cat may not even notice you’ve switched.
  3. Choose the right cleaning routine: Clumps and solids should be scooped from the box daily. If you use clumping cat litter, the box should be cleaned and refilled with fresh cat litter at least every two weeks. If you use non-clumping cat litter, then you’ll need to scrub the litter box more often – ideally weekly before it reaches the saturation point. Better yet, you can avoid the caked-on mess and laborious scrubbing entirely by using a liner, such as Jonny Cat Heavy Duty Litter Box Liners. These liners are tear-resistant, so they stand up to cats’ claws. When it comes time to change the litter just pull the convenient drawstring, close and toss.

Cat’s Pride products are available for purchase at most major grocery stores and online at Chewy, Amazon, and, and every litter purchase helps support animal welfare organizations through the Cat’s Pride Litter for Good program. For every jug of Cat’s Pride litter purchased, Cat’s Pride will donate a pound of litter to an animal shelter so that more cats in need can find their forever homes. Visit for more information.


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