Dads Deserve THESE for Father’s Day

Dads Deserve THESE for Father’s Day

(BPT) – We all have heroes in our lives who go under the radar. Often among the first to make quiet, inconspicuous sacrifices for the ones they love are dads and father figures. Last year was challenging for most families, and this coming Father’s Day gives us an opportunity to show our appreciation to the dads who helped get us through it.

But guessing the perfect Father’s Day gift is tough. And it has become even harder since the pandemic changed so many aspects of our lives. Dad’s tastes may have changed and our trusty, go-to ideas may be outdated.

This year, take the guesswork out of Father’s Day shopping by giving the men in your life something that’s convenient, easy to buy and send, fast to deliver, and gives them the freedom to make sure they get exactly what they want. Get dads and father figures a gift card.

‘Are you even a dad if you haven’t gotten a cheesy or awkward gift for Father’s Day? How many ‘#1 Dad’ shirts or coffee mugs does a guy really need? After arguably one of the most difficult years we will experience in our lifetimes, a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to dads and father figures will be extra meaningful this Father’s Day,’ said Megan Flanagan, Executive Director of the Retail Gift Card Association, a nonprofit organization. ‘Gift cards are the perfect solution for gift givers and recipients alike – not just because people want them, but because they are functional, convenient and easy to personalize.’

Gift cards were already popular pre-COVID, and when the pandemic hit they evolved from ‘nice-to-haves’ to lifelines. Social distancing and quarantines forced us to get creative in helping, celebrating, and uplifting our family and friends from afar, and gift cards helped us do all of it (while also supporting businesses struggling during shutdowns). Sending gift cards to someone’s favorite restaurant or retailer for a birthday, as thanks, or just because added a personal touch and connected people across great distances. It also helped eliminate the hassle of returns since people can buy what they really want or need.

Most gift cards come in physical and digital form (also called egifts), and can be bought and redeemed in-store, online and via mobile devices. Some can even be loaded into mobile wallets. This flexibility gives gift givers and recipients options so they can shop however they feel most comfortable. People now expect this level of choice in their shopping experiences – dads included – and there’s no going back.

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