Adventure awaits: 4 ways to soak up summer on the water

Adventure awaits: 4 ways to soak up summer on the water

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Summer fun is right around the corner, and boating is the perfect addition to your bucket list. No boat? No problem. There are plenty of ways to get on the water and enjoy the unique adventures only boating provides, in addition to its many wellness benefits. Studies show being on the water boosts creativity, happiness, relaxation and mental health.

‘Americans today prioritize experiences, work-life balance and outdoor recreation. There’s no better way to do that than spending time on the water with loved ones,’ said Ellen Bradley, Discover Boating Senior Vice President. ‘Boating delivers fun, freedom and relaxation in a special way you can’t get on land – and we’re seeing more people giving it a try than ever before as they learn about the proven benefits of time on the water.’

Whether you’re into fishing, watersports, riding personal watercraft, sailing or simply cruising around the open waters, boating offers something for everyone, and it’s more accessible than you may think. Boaters come from all walks of life, backgrounds and areas of the country, with an estimated 100 million Americans going boating each year, according to the National Marine Manufacturers Association.

Discover Boating, the leading resource for all things boating, helps people find easy ways to get on the water and provides tools and articles to get started. Check out these tips to start planning your next on-water adventure and make the memories of a lifetime this summer.

Rent or share a boat.

Rental options are available on most waterways and provide hourly, daily or weekly access to a variety of boat types. Rental outfitters should provide tutorials on operating a boat, share safety instructions and offer suggestions on destinations. Another option is peer-to-peer boat sharing, which allows you to rent boats near you directly through the boat owners and offers the choice to hire a captain.

Join a boat club.

Boat clubs offer access to a variety of boats. You’ll pay a monthly fee and be able to book your time on the water online. Most boat clubs take care of docking, cleaning, maintenance and boat training courses.

Take a class.

Take the helm and become a confident boater. Sign up for a boating lesson to hone your powerboating, sailing or watersports skills by mastering the basics while having fun along the way. On-water training courses, watersports camps, youth boating programs and more are offered across the U.S.

Find your dream boat.

Chart your own course to boat ownership by visiting, where you’ll find resources such as the boat finder and loan calculator to help you find a boat that fits your budget, lifestyle and interests.

Visit Discover Boating’s Go Boating Today tool to find out how you can secure your boating vacation on-demand this summer. Use the social media hashtag #SeeYouOutHere to share your boating moments.


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