Access to Safe and Affordable Drugs is a Right, Not a Privilege

Access to Safe and Affordable Drugs is a Right, Not a Privilege

(BPT) – The exorbitantly high cost of prescription medications is an ongoing, serious health crisis for millions of Americans who are desperate for relief and desperately need the government to act.

These high prices often force people to choose between buying their medications and paying for gas, food or even their mortgage. Many people are either skipping doses, splitting pills or forgoing medications completely, which creates a potentially dangerous situation as these medications are used to control everything from asthma to high cholesterol to arthritis.

Despite years of public debate and empty promises from lawmakers to take action, little has been done to lower pharmaceutical costs in the U.S.

In fact, the U.S. government has repeatedly shown it is incapable of fixing this country’s prescription drug pricing problem. Lawmakers face intense resistance from pharmaceutical manufacturers who regularly contribute to political campaigns and who aim to maintain their high profits at the expense of patients. Congress and state legislatures have put forth options to address our country’s absurdly high drug prices, but most proposals will take years to implement … if they move forward at all.

In fact, the U.S. doesn’t have any laws or regulations in place to prevent or control the amount of money a pharmaceutical company can charge for its medications. This is shocking because Americans already pay more for prescription medications compared to patients in any other country in the world, despite the global market nature of the pharmaceutical industry.

Many “American-made” brand name prescription drugs are manufactured in other countries and then imported into the U.S. Even when drugs are produced in America, most of their active ingredients come from factories in other countries.

Regardless of where and when a medication is manufactured, safe and affordable access to that medication is a right, not a privilege.

For years, the Internet has made it possible for Americans to fill their prescription medications at significantly lower cost through licensed, legitimate Canadian pharmacies. These online pharmacies prioritize both safety and affordability, and millions of Americans have successfully turned to Canada to buy their daily medications. In fact, the Food and Drug Administration and its Canadian counterpart, Health Canada, have equivalent standards when it comes to prescription medications.

As with all industries, there are “rogue” players and other bad actors on the Internet. For this reason, it is critical that consumers find a licensed, legitimate online pharmacy that can be trusted. Licensed, legitimate pharmacies have safety protocols in place, including requiring a signed prescription from a patient’s doctor, and they don’t sell opioids or other controlled substances via the Internet.

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