50 years of comfort redesigned: Five reasons to recline in style

50 years of comfort redesigned: Five reasons to recline in style

(BPT) – In Norway, the municipality of Sykkylven lies on the west coast surrounded by mystic fjords and scenic mountains. It is home to Ekornes, a renowned Norwegian furniture maker, and today, the largest furniture producer in Norway. Founded in 1934 by Jens E. Ekornes – out of creativity, innovation and somewhat out of necessity. Ekornes laid the foundation of the region’s furniture industry and paved the way for the development of a new type of recliner. A first of its kind. Fifty years later, Sykkylven is still at the forefront of functional style.

This forward-thinking led to the development of a new type of furniture that would revolutionize the way we enjoy the art of resting. In 1971, Stressless was born. With the growing popularity of the television set, the moment was right for a new way to spend time in front of it, with the maximum of comfort possible. The original recliner offered technologies like no other, and the continuous introduction of new features has helped to drive the evolution of comfort ever since.

After 50 years of ongoing innovation, here are five reasons to recline in style:

Innovation with purpose – Enjoy convenient comfort

Furniture created on the principles of industrial production to ensure an unprecedented high level of precision, supplemented by human experience, insight and craftsmanship is one thing. Developing furniture designed with purpose and innovated for maximum durability is the secret ingredient for sustained comfort.

Have you ever experienced sitting down, leaning back to relax and watching TV only to forget that the remote is out of reach on the coffee table? With a recliner that incorporates a patented sliding system, shifting smoothly in one movement without having to get back up, this experience became obsolete. The patented Glide-system attracted a great deal of attention and is still a unique feature, making the revolutionary recliner at the time the first real TV chair for modern society.

Comfort is timeless – Embrace it

Nordic design has an important part to play in the American lifestyle. Clarity, simplicity and good craftsmanship are the hallmarks of the Nordic way of creating furniture, and this approach to design continues to gain ground in the U.S. High-quality materials and specially designed features create a unique look and feel – embrace it!

Balance the cortisol – You deserve it

Stress has become a worldwide phenomenon, and in our effort to keep up, we all risk forgetting to reserve precious time for ourselves to just live and breathe. This is more important than ever, which is why you need furniture that helps you balance out those cortisol levels.

Leverage the power of technology – Take control

Motorized recliners represent personal comfort at their finest. With built-in motors operating the headrest, lumbar + back and footrest they ensure a perfect individual fit. With the touch of a master control button, you can adjust back, leg, lumbar and head support in one synchronized movement. You can also make independent adjustments for that just-right spot that feels best to you. Lumbar support is automatically adjusted when you change the position of the backrest, so your lower back is always supported ergonomically. Powered recliners provide unlimited control to reach your favorite position.

Find harmony and balance – Do good while resting

Scandinavia is known for its progressive thinking, happy people and environmentally friendly lifestyle. Norway is not an outlier and neither is the Norwegian approach to designing furniture.

Sustainability is an important aspect of Norwegian design. Fulfill your desire to bring earth-friendly products to your home when designing your happy place. Stressless is committed to a sustainable future with a production process based on natural materials and renewable energy.


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