5 ways to ensure wellness year-round

5 ways to ensure wellness year-round

(BPT) – With continued uncertainty stemming from the pandemic, maintaining overall wellness continues to be a priority for many to avoid burnout and languishing. If you’re feeling unsure how to navigate life during this time, consider upping your routine by consuming nutritious foods that pack a punch like almonds. Considering this, National Almond Day on February 16 is a great time to get started! Incorporating almonds into your routine has many benefits, including lowering one’s cholesterol levels (February also happens to be American Heart Month). As a registered dietitian, Natalie Rizzo personally likes to fuel her body with the proper foods but likes to remind others that wellness looks different for everyone. Natalie shares how she puts her best foot forward regularly with her nutrition tips and tricks, allowing you to live your best life (with almonds!).

1. Make the most of your mornings

I like to start my mornings with a green smoothie with almond milk – it really helps set the tone for the day and I can feel good about making healthy choices. If smoothies aren’t your thing, reach for some yogurt and get creative with your toppings like adding berries or almonds for an extra crunch.

2. Snack smart

Many may associate snacking with excess calories and potential weight gain, but it’s all about smart snacking. Almonds are my go-to source for when I need an ‘in-between’ or ‘on-the-go’ snack that I know will help satiate my hunger. Movie night? Mix almonds into your popcorn bowl. Looking for something sweet and crunchy? Reach for some dark chocolate covered almonds. Don’t be afraid to get inventive and find the snack that works for you and fills you up, without weighing you down.

3. Healthy skin from within

With the change in seasons and weather, give your skin the extra TLC it deserves. A simple tip to consider is eating and maintaining a healthy diet to help support healthier skin. Research has shown that eating two (one ounce) servings of almonds per day may help reduce wrinkles and skin pigmentation. What a tasty way to support your skin health!

4. Feel good energy boost

If you’re looking for a recharge for that mid-afternoon slump, consider natural energy boosters that will make you feel good. Almonds are rich in magnesium, a key nutrient to aid the production of energy in the body. One handful of almonds (about 23 almonds or one ounce) provides 20% of your recommended magnesium needs – ideal for when you’re looking for an extra pep in your step!

5. A good night’s rest

The importance of listening to your body and getting enough sleep cannot be overstated. Lack of sleep may disrupt your appetite, lower energy levels, and reduce overall physical and mental performance. If you find yourself restless at night, try sipping on something warm, like caffeine-free tea with almond milk – the creaminess and warmth will help comfort and set your mood.

Ready to make a change for the better? Try Natalie’s heart-healthy, delicious recipe, the Almond Crusted Broccoli, in celebration of National Almond Day and year-long wellness.

If you’re interested in exploring Natalie’s other go-to recipes, please visit almonds.com. Follow @californiaalmonds and @greenletes for more inspiration on how to stay on top of your A-game!


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