5 not-so-secret ways to make the most of your money

5 not-so-secret ways to make the most of your money

(BPT) – The holidays are approaching, and New Year’s resolutions are top of mind. For many, this means thinking about how to be smart with your money. Whether you’re shopping for loved ones, looking to start a new hobby or treating yourself to something special, a little purchase planning goes a long way.

If you’re using a credit card, did you know there could be added perks right at your fingertips that could help you unlock even more value from your purchases? Here are some quick tips to help you take advantage of all the benefits and tools from your credit cards, so you’re not leaving anything on the table.

1. Take advantage of rewards

Some card issuers offer higher rewards on certain categories, such as groceries or drugstore purchases. Pay attention to the bonus categories offered with your card to make the most of your spending. You can also try shopping through your card issuer’s rewards portal on the mobile app or website, and you might even have access to extra points with certain retailers.

2. Use points to pay for purchases

Your credit card points can be just as valuable as the money in your pocket. Check your credit card rewards portal for all the redemption options that might be at your fingertips. Some, like Chase Ultimate Rewards, give you the option to redeem for gift cards, electronics and even statement credits toward charitable contributions.

3. Activate offers to unlock more value

You’ve probably heard of cash back and credit card points and miles, but did you know some cards have even more perks simply by having it in your wallet. For example, Chase’s Get More Now offers give eligible Chase credit cardmembers an easy way to unlock special perks all year long. All you have to do is go to www.chase.com/getmorenow, select your card and see the discounts and special offers available for you. You can activate or enroll and instantly start taking advantage of where you might already be using your card. Right now, eligible cardmembers can earn more rewards with Lyft, enjoy free 2-day shipping with ShopRunner and more.

4. Plan your spending

Spend your money wisely over the holidays by planning how you’ll pay for your purchases in advance. Chase recently introduced My Chase Plan, a digital ‘buy now, pay later’ feature that allows credit cardmembers the option to pay off purchases over a period of time that works for them with no interest, just a fixed monthly fee. And as an added bonus, you still earn rewards on the purchase. Before you purchase, you can even use the Plan Calculator to approximate what your payment plan will look like.

5. Track spending using your mobile banking app or online credit card portal

Knowing your expenses is one of the first steps to managing your money, and your mobile banking app or online credit card portal can be one of your best tools to do so. Instead of keeping physical receipts of all your purchases, log into your account to track how you’re spending money. Some apps will also give you a spending summary, so you can look at your annual spending through a customized view.

Whether you’re applying for a new credit card or looking to make the most of the one you have, be sure to tap into all the rewards and benefits available to you.

For more information on ongoing deals, discounts and free trial offers available to eligible Chase credit cardmembers, visit www.chase.com/getmorenow.


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