5 best gifts for the home improvement pros in your life

5 best gifts for the home improvement pros in your life

(BPT) – Gifts for the avid home repair enthusiasts, hobbyists or professionals in your life can be challenging to find. Innovative and imaginative, these types are likely up to date on the latest projects and trends and it can seem like they already have everything they want for their home workshop.

Sometimes the best way to get the right gift is to just ask – but if you’re still stuck, here’s a list of popular gifts for the difficult hobbyist on your list.

1. Toolbox + Bluetooth speaker

Your home improvement pro may have all the tools they need, but what about music to keep them going during those long project hours? Or something to keep them organized? How about both? Festool’s TopRock delivers high-performance stereo sound, can charge your smartphone, and holds your tools all in one place. This combination toolbox and Bluetooth speaker helps you conveniently transport your tools and tunes in perfect harmony.

2. Mobile charging station

Professional contractors and home remodelers often rely on their phones to keep track of project details and make calls to keep their schedule running smoothly. A dead device could mean project delays. Protect their progress with the gift of a mobile charging station. Festool’s PHC 18 Mobile Charging Station can transform an 18-volt battery pack into a portable power bank. Its compact design is easy to store in the shop or work van and it can charge up to three smartphones at once.

3. Quick lever clamp

When in doubt, opt for a popular tool known for simplifying many home improvement projects. Festool’s Quick Clamp makes it easy to clamp materials together and then quickly release using only one hand. Plus, they’re reusable from project to project and will last for years to come. Now, that’s a gift that keeps on giving.

4. Cordless dust extractor

A dust collector removes dirt, debris, dust, chemicals and gasses from the air, so you can give the gift of a cleaner work environment. For example, Festool’s Cordless Dust Extractor enables a virtually dust-free work environment without the need for a power outlet. Powered by Bluetooth and remote control, this device offers maximum portability while helping them clean up their shop quickly and efficiently.

5. Two-in-one hammer drill

When in doubt, every handyperson could use a versatile tool that helps them tackle nearly any project. The cordless drill is a necessity in nearly every shop and tool bag. Festool’s TPC 18 Cordless Drill is ideal for drilling holes and driving screws into almost any material – concrete, drywall, brick, etc.

Whether the hobbyist or home improvement pro you love has a shop full of tools or is just starting their collection, there’s always room to add something useful, new and cool. Save these ideas for your next gifting opportunity and find more at festoolusa.com.


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