4 hacks to make your next game day watch party epic

4 hacks to make your next game day watch party epic

(BPT) – With many exciting games underway, it’s never too late to start planning a watch party that’s sure to be remembered. Watch parties are a great way to get the family together so you can bond over your favorite sports and spend quality time together.

If you haven’t hosted a game day watch party, there’s no need to stress. With these four hacks, you’ll be taking the W at the end of the night!

1. Decorations

Before everyone arrives, you’ve got to set the vibe. No matter which team (or player) you stan, find or make decorations and represent! Hang up flags and banners, print out pictures of your fave players and centerpieces that match the sport. Get your besties in on the fun! Encourage them to wear team colors or jerseys and bring sports-related accessories so you can serve looks while your team slays.

2. Snacks

You shouldn’t be the only snack at your watch party! Cheering on your team can work up an appetite, so serve a variety of foods to help keep everyone fueled. According to the Frito-Lay Snack index, ‘80% agree that combining multiple food products to create the perfect bite is an art form.’ If you’re looking for the perfect bite of bold and iconic flavors, pick up the new Jack Link’s® Fritos® Chili Cheese flavored Beef Jerky, Meat Sticks and Cheese Stick & Meat Combos.

Take your game day snacks to the next level by stocking up on the new Jack Link’s Fritos Chili Cheese or Jack Link’s Flamin’ Hot flavored Cheese & Meat Combos, made with jalapeno cheese for a savory, bold flavor. To learn more about this collaboration, the flavors and where to find them near you, visit jacklinksfritolay.com.

3. Drinks

Screaming for your favorite team can be fun but exhausting for your vocal cords. Prepare some drinks that pair well with your snacks and keep you hydrated as your team scores point after point. You can even create your own drinks named after your favorite players, teams or events. It may seem a bit extra, but sipping on a themed beverage just hits different.

4. Breaks

Even when watching fast-paced sports, there’s a lot of downtime during game day. Fill time with fun games, trivia and more.

Before the game starts, have everyone make predictions about which team will take the win. During breaks, update the prediction board to see who’s winning the prize. Speaking of prizes, make sure they are fun prizes like sports gear or a gag trophy for the winners, although bragging rights are just as important!

If you know, you know. Using these four tips, you’ll throw a watch party so epic that your besties will call you the Game Day G.O.A.T.

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