3 ways a deck can make staying home more enjoyable

3 ways a deck can make staying home more enjoyable

(BPT) – With so many people across the country staying put in their homes right now, a fun and functional outdoor space is more important than ever. Amusement parks and concerts are closed or canceled and spring is around the corner, beckoning families outdoors. Millions of people are working remotely and looking for a more natural option for their home offices. A well-thought-out deck could be the answer to making a staycation, whether forced or planned, more enjoyable.

Here are three ways a deck can improve the at-home experience.

1. Fewer screens, more fun

When kids are out of school, screen time usually goes up. Whether it’s TV, computers, video games, phones or tablets, screen time is usually a sedentary activity.

A deck can provide an alternative outdoor play space where kids can be active and stretch their imaginations, enjoy the outdoors and do things like bring their favorite toys like building blocks, action figures or doll houses outdoors.

Worried about splinters hurting those little toes and fingers? Composite decking is a beautiful option that makes sanding, staining, sealing and splinters a thing of the past. While composite decking has historically had a higher price tag than traditional wood, boards like Envision Ridge Premium deliver the exotic hardwood beauty and low maintenance of composites at a budget-friendly price.

2. Home office with a side of vitamin D

Millions of Americans have moved to work-from-home situations recently and are looking for a way to get out of their stuffy home offices in favor of a workspace with natural lighting and a great breeze. Soaking up a safe amount of sun every day can reap big benefits for your health, according to physicians and the World Health Organization (WHO), including elevating mood, improving sleep, promoting bone growth and strengthening the immune system.

With the right patio furniture, a deck can make a great option for an outdoor workspace to soak up the benefits of the sun’s rays. Choose a table of the appropriate height and a comfortable chair for extended work sessions, or a cushioned chaise lounge for shorter periods. Adding a screen or pergola to a deck can provide some protection from the wind (fewer important work papers blowing around).

3. Family time all year long

If there’s an upside to the increase in people staying home, it’s the ability to connect with the other people living in your home. Life can get so busy with work, friends and other commitments that it’s difficult to find time to connect or have a family game night. A deck is a great place to gather the members of your household for a laid-back evening of stargazing or a rowdy game night.

And those family connections don’t have to end due to summer’s heat or fall’s chill. By adding an outdoor heater, firepit or fans, you can extend your deck’s use as a family space to the majority of the year.

As you can see, a deck is a great way to expand the living space of your home and to provide an alternative space for all members of the family to enjoy.


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