3 tips for a carefree summer

3 tips for a carefree summer

(BPT) – If you are like the majority of Americans, you have undoubtedly had a wave of uneasiness come over you in seemingly common, everyday situations. Whether you’re walking through a parking garage at night or taking the dog for an early morning walk, a recent study conducted by SABRE via Ipsos.Digital revealed that at some point in the past three years, four in every five Americans have felt unsafe in an everyday situation.

As the country’s reopening coincides with National Safety Month in June, it is the perfect time to review your personal safety habits to ensure you feel confident as you go out to enjoy the summer and beyond.

‘Regardless of where your day takes you, your daily routine should include being thoughtful and proactive about your personal safety,’ said David Nance, CEO for SABRE. ‘Before leaving the house, you should always be sure your check list of essentials includes all your critical items – wallet, keys, cell phone and of course, an easy-to-carry personal safety tool.’

With more than four decades as a leader in personal safety, Nance and SABRE continue to find ways to innovate in the personal safety space while simultaneously developing products that fit any situation. As many seek to enjoy a carefree summer, Nance recommends a variety of solutions and tools to add confidence for any situation.

Day-to-day safety

Whether you have big summer plans or are just spending the hot months in your own neck of the woods, having a daily personal protection plan while on-the-go is of the utmost importance, which is why SABRE developed the Mighty Discreet. Designed to be carried with you at all times, the Mighty Discreet is the brand’s smallest personal safety tool to date and is approximately the same size as a tube of lipstick, offering users a chance to easily fit it into a pocket and carryall, or utilize the snap clip for quick detachment. Mighty Discreet features a twist top safety to prevent any accidental discharge and offers 16 bursts up to 12-feet away, providing protection at a safe distance. Providing an additional level of safety, the Mighty Discreet features a UV marking dye to help quickly identify suspects who have been sprayed.

Protection and assurance away from home

A trip to a new destination can bring excitement, with surprises around every corner. But what happens when one of those surprises turns out to be an unwelcome threat? You may not have a chance to call for help or you may be unfamiliar with your surroundings and unable to convey your location.

Consider utilizing an easy-to-carry safety tool that can provide your GPS coordinates and/or alert family, friends or authorities you may be in danger. For example, SABRE’s SMART Pepper Spray can provide peace of mind when you are visiting locations both old and new. The connected SMART Pepper Spray works seamlessly with the SABRE Personal Safety App to enable pre-selected contacts to be immediately notified if the user’s spray has been deployed. The free SABRE app allows the user to, at the touch of a button, alert five contacts that they are in danger while providing their contacts with their location where they can follow the user to safety. In addition, with the Personal Safety App’s premium option (available for a $4.99 monthly fee), Noonlight will send emergency personnel to the user’s live location when the spray has been deployed.

Security at home or at night

Also, it’s important to keep in mind a safety plan for the times you are at or around your home doing day-to-day tasks. SABRE’s multi-purpose PepperLight combines a high-power flashlight that can be seen up to 540 feet away with SABRE’s maximum-strength pepper spray formula, both of which are essential to have at the ready at home.

‘At SABRE, we know there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to your protection and safety,’ added Nance. ‘Everyone’s needs and situations are different, which is why our family-owned company has spent the last four decades making it our mission to design unique safety tools that fit your lifestyle, because your personal safety is just that … personal.’


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